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3 reasons why PR is more important than ever before due to the web.
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What makes PR—even in a fundamental form: a press release—more important than ever before? Simple: the web.

What makes PR—even in a fundamental form: a press release—more important than ever before? Simple: the web. For three reasons:

1. Press releases get picked up by the media to give your message wide reach.
Numerous media outlets—websites, newspapers, television and radio stations—pick up press releases deployed through services such as PRWeb, Business Wire, PR Newswire, and others. Many of the media outlets target consumers. Others are B2B. They may include the online and/or print editions of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other household names. The media outlets may include your local TV station and/or community newspaper. They may also include online news sites and aggregators such as Google News, Yahoo News, and others.

2. Press releases provide fresh content for your website.
Posting your press releases on a “news” section of your website lets your customers and prospects know that you are alive and well, evolving and informing the market about your changes. This helps keep your site refreshed, which is valued by search engine web crawlers.

3. Press releases support your SEO efforts.
The web crawlers see that you are updating your own content with news and that credible third-party sites are covering your news, and that helps your organic search result rankings rise (or stay high if you’ve already achieved success).

So your press release program has two important purposes: to share news and to enhance your online visibility. To achieve both purposes, it is essential to ensure that your press releases are search engine-optimized, with the appropriate keywords and links. It is also important to consider the potential value of attaching photos or video to your press releases. This can make your releases even more likely to get picked up by outlets in all media: digital, broadcast, and print.

It is critical to track your releases—to measure their pickup, to re-assess your keyword strategy, and to reflect any necessary changes in your next release. And finally – and this is at the foundation of all your plans—make sure your press releases are truly newsworthy.

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