New ways to take your medicine and check your health
With experience creating healthcare marketing campaigns for many diagnostic products, Bryant Brown reports on medical wearables and implantables. Read now!
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Mammogram detecting breast cancer

New ways to take your medicine and check your health

Our healthcare marketing agency has had the pleasure of launching an amazing array of medical treatments and diagnostics, many with breakthrough modes of delivery or action.

Among the products we have promoted are wearables – insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and cochlear implants…implantables such as pacemakers and heart valves…pulse oximeters that measure oxygenation and pulse rate through a clamp on your fingertip…and much more. From the beginning, these technologies and the challenges of communicating their value to the healthcare community have fascinated us.

So it is exciting to acknowledge that now, more than any time in the history of our healthcare marketing agency, we are seeing a true renaissance in medical applications of technology. Many of the advances trace their origins to microchip technology and miniaturization. But not all – there’s an incredible range of new solutions to help detect conditions, treat them, help people adhere to treatment, and on and on – from apps to artificial organs, from the Smart Bra that detects early signs of breast cancer to the UV sensor “jewel” available as a platinum, gold, or gunmetal bracelet or brooch.

We research these topics virtually every day in literature about medicine, science, and technology. But we especially enjoyed seeing examples of these advances recently become the subject of excellent articles on a website we love: Brit + Co. As they say on their website, “Brit + Co is an online media and e-commerce platform that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls.”

Click here for the article “9 Wearables Totally Changing the Medical Industry.”
Also on the site, be sure to see “Straight from CES 2014: 10 Wearables That Aren’t Smartwatches.” Just click here.

What new healthcare technology stars will shine at the next Consumer Electronics Show? We can’t wait! Stay tuned.