Food for thought
A report on how cooking helps treat depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. Read now!
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Food for thought

Did you see the recent Wall Street Journal article “A Road to Mental Health Through the Kitchen”? It reports on therapists’ use of cooking to help treat depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

Our healthcare marketing agency has developed communications in both fields: nutrition and mental health. For more than a year, we’ve been developing a major multimedia campaign to help educate and motivate people with schizophrenia and people with bipolar disorder. The campaign includes content on nutrition, which plays an important role in effective management of both conditions.

But what especially interested us about this recent article is its emphasis on the therapeutic value of cooking. It includes examples such as a program teaching teens with substance dependence issues how to cook healthy versions of hamburgers, mac and cheese, and other favorite foods.

The article cites an article in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy about a study showing that baking classes increased confidence, concentration, and individuals’ sense of achievement. The article also mentions two recently published books (one entitled Saved by Cake) that describe how baking helped each author cope with depression. Thought-provoking, tasty stuff.

Click here for the link to the Wall Street Journal article. Perfect for reading over lunch.