We vote for democracy
VEP Healthcare chooses Bryant Brown as its agency of record to manage its healthcare marketing initiatives. Learn why.
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We vote for democracy

The satisfaction of working with a democratic provider of emergency medicine and hospitalist services

VEP Healthcare, Inc., a company that manages emergency medicine and hospitalist services in more than 30 hospitals nationwide, recently chose Bryant Brown Healthcare as its agency.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2016, VEP is a unique organization, In fact, it’s one of the largest democratic groups of its type.

The shareholders are the people “in the trenches”

VEP is owned solely its practicing physicians, advanced practice clinicians (such as physician assistants), and corporate office staff.

We’ve talked to numerous people in the organization – physicians and other professionals working in hospitals nationwide. To a person, each talks about the satisfaction of having a true stake in the success of their efforts. They feel empowered to share ideas, make suggestions, identify areas for improvement, and talk with anyone and everyone at every level in the organization. (The president is a physician too, and is renowned for visiting VEP hospitals and doing rounds.)

Communicating with many constituents

Among the many interesting aspects of our work with VEP is the plethora of target audiences.

VEP develops communications to help identify prospective customers, win their business, and keep it. Other VEP communications help recruit and retain providers and allied professionals, beginning when they’re still in med school. And still other communications target potential merger and acquisition targets – it’s a dynamic market, with a lot of organizations gobbling up others…but few quite like VEP!