11 rules for better email marketing campaigns
Healthcare marketing specialists Bryant Brown Healthcare shows you how to create effective email marketing campaigns by following these 11 simple rules. Learn now!
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11 rules for better email marketing campaigns

Email continues to be one of the most effective communication tactics available. In fact, Campaign Monitor reports that more than 50% of Americans check their email more than 10 times a day, making it by far one of the most popular ways to receive updates from brands.

To help you craft emails that get opened and lead to clicks, we’ve put together a simple template with helpful advice.

1. The subject line

This is a critical component of any email – if the subject line doesn’t compel the recipient to open the message, none of the rest matters. A few tips:

•  Keep it short: about 40 characters.

•  Keep it relevant: make sure you are making a benefit-oriented offer of interest to your audience.

•  Keep it active: use verbs in your subject line. “See how…” Learn why…” Also, if you are offering content, use the word “download.” (HubSpot says the word more than triples the average click-through rate!).

2. The “From” line

Make it personal. Be sure it comes from a person, not a company.

3. Your logo

Put it at the top. Make sure people know who the email is from.

4. The salutation

Use the recipient’s name. People love to see their name. And it helps establish a connection from the very start. According to Aberdeen, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

5. The image

Use a visual that relates to whatever you are offering. Is it content such as a white paper? Include a picture of the front cover or, even better, a person engrossed in it.

6. The body copy

Like the subject line, keep it brief. Whatever you promise in the subject, amplify it in the copy. Include an opening paragraph, consider using a few bullets points to summarize key messages. Speak about benefits, not features. This is all about persuading the reader to respond.

7. The call to action

Make sure it stands out—a button, an icon. And use active language with an imperative. “Act now.” “Download today.” “Learn more.”

8. The sign-off

A trend we’ve been noticing: to help personalize the email even more, some include a picture of the sender.

9. Social media buttons

Include these at the end of your email.

10. Your privacy policy

Everyone is concerned about their privacy. For peace of mind, add a link to your privacy policy.

11. Unsubscribe option

Always include an unsubscribe button. If you don’t, you’ll be in violation of CAN-SPAM regulations enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. You don’t want to cross them.

Emails are a popular—and powerful—form of communication. The trick is to craft them as effectively as possible. We hope the above tips help.

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