Healthcare Marketing Agency | Audience Segmentation
Learn how Bryant Brown’s senior healthcare marketing strategists optimally segment your target audiences to ensure the success of your campaign.
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Programmatic Advertising

Programmed to succeed

We help many of our clients with programmatic campaigns that offer flexibility and other measurable advantages:


Targeting at a micro level


Target via IP addresses, geography, behavior, location—and then retarget to all of them again.


Reporting and data measurement in real time


You’ll know if your ads are working or not. Because data is fed real-time, you’ll know where your ads are being displayed, who is looking at them, and how many people are clicking and converting.


So you can make adjustments right away – change what’s working, do more of what is. No waiting. No worries. Only greater success and cost-effectiveness.


Bryant Brown Healthcare delivers the full range of programmatic advertising, including:


  • Retargeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Display ad networks
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Native ads
  • Mobile conquesting
  • Facebook, Instagram, and FAN (Facebook Audience Network) 
  • Household IP targeting
  • Event targeting
  • Video targeting


Increase your efficiency, reach, targeting, and results. With programmatic advertising. And Bryant Brown.


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