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Learn how Bryant Brown’s team of senior healthcare marketing strategists successfully promotes brands to professionals and consumers.
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Brand Strategy

A new brand of branding

Today, competition is brutal.


Patients don’t sit idly waiting for their doctors to prescribe treatment—they actively seek information online. So they are better informed. And more demanding.


They’ll ask their physicians about a particular product based on a TV commercial or social media post they’ve seen.


Likewise, healthcare marketing as a whole has gotten more demanding. It must be more persuasive and more memorable to cut through all the clutter.


The good news: we can help.


Bryant Brown creates communications that are visually arresting and verbally articulate… But, first and foremost, they support your positioning.


No matter how great our work may look, no matter how clever its language may be, the first criterion it must fulfill is to complement your strategy. We never lose sight of the fact that while each of us may be a strategist or artist or writer or media specialist, all of us at the agency are marketers. We are marketing companies, products, services, and ideas.


If we are fortunate enough to be your agency of record, we will schedule an input meeting, where we will discuss and analyze your product or service, your competition, your audience, and your market. Then we deliver all the following critical services:


  • Audience segmentation
  • Quantitative and qualitative market research
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical planning
  • Brand creation
  • Brand naming
  • Brand positioning
  • Positioning strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Media planning
  • Analytics and reporting


The goal: to create strong, enduring branding that consistently communicates your distinct advantages. Everywhere. Every time. To everyone.


Learn more about our proprietary strategic process: Define. Do. Deliver.


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