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Learn how Bryant Brown’s senior healthcare marketing specialists use traditional advertising to motivate patients and healthcare professionals.
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Video/TV/Radio/Print Advertising

Still in the mix

We know from experience: when used appropriately as part of the marketing mix, traditional advertising – print, video, broadcast – can continue to be effective.


There is no better method of patient or professional education than a well-done video. Websites that feature videos stand a better chance of earning higher page rankings. Sales reps need and want collateral to help with their sales presentations. TV and radio ad commercials can still communicate your message and increase brand awareness – quickly and effectively.


At Bryant Brown, we offer a variety of traditional advertising services to develop:


  • TV commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Patient and professional educational videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Viral videos
  • Literature
  • Sales tools
  • Direct mail
  • Identity systems



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