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Learn how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists create content-rich literature that informs while increasing your brand’s esteem.
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Content Marketing

Content is king

The Internet has changed everything.


Today, people are searching for content that informs and educates. And they don’t want to be sold. Those that effectively deliver content—objectively and sans overt promotional messages—are perceived as trusted sources and authorities in the field.


That’s what we want for all our clients.


We feel it’s important that you provide content that is relevant to your target audience: in literature or on your website, in the form of blogs, videos, or webinars.


Copy is key


To successfully produce content-rich literature, you need writers who understand writing, understand healthcare, and understand what the audience is looking for. For blogs and websites, the writer must also understand the importance of keywords and SEO in order to achieve a higher page ranking.


Regarding blogs, most companies start with the best intentions of posting frequently. But oftentimes, the frequency drops off and the blog becomes dormant.


To prevent that from happening (and it happens a lot), good writers will create an editorial calendar for the blog, listing topics for each blog week by week, month by month. And then prepare them beforehand.


Then, once the blogs have been reviewed and approved by the company’s legal/regulatory department, they are ready to be posted continually and confidently.


And watch your page rankings—and inquiries—rise!


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