Learn how Bryant Brown’s team of professional digital programmatic healthcare marketers micro-target audiences for maximum ROI.
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Digital Programmatic Advertising

Micro-targeting for maximum ROI

With digital programmatic advertising campaigns, you can target HCPs—physicians, NPs, PAs, and other allied health professionals—by specialty, national provider identifier (NPI) number, demographic and firmographic details, clinical behavior, hospital affiliations, and organization size. This helps ensure higher reach and frequency through non-endemic online channels and real-time bidding platforms and/or social platforms such as Facebook.


Using CMS patient claims data, programmatic campaigns can target HCPs on a behavioral level based on NPI Level Diagnosis (Dx) and Procedure (Px) codes. As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we also can target HCPs based on prescribing history for specific conditions or drugs.


If location is more important, we use geo-targeting to serve display ads to HCPs at their offices, conferences, hospitals, and treatment centers.


Programmatic is also a great tool to target patients by treatment and/or diagnosis, demographics, condition-specific content, or even by location: when they are at physician offices, pharmacies, and hospitals.


See how Bryant Brown used digital programmatic ads to boost leads for a clinical staffing company

Our programmatic campaigns offer measurable advantages


Targeting at a micro level

Target via IP addresses, geography, behavior, location—and then retarget to all of them again.


Reporting and data measurement in real time

You’ll know if your ads are working or not. Because data is fed real-time, you’ll know where your ads are being displayed, who is looking at them, and how many people are clicking and converting.


So you can make adjustments right away – change what’s working, do more of what is. No waiting. No worries. Only greater success and cost-effectiveness.


As a medical digital marketing agency, Bryant Brown Healthcare delivers the full range of programmatic advertising, including:

•  Geo-targeting

•  Diagnosis code targeting

•  Condition-specific targeting

•  Procedural targeting

•  Retargeting

•  Keyword targeting

•  Display ad networks

•  Behavioral targeting

•  Native ads

•  Mobile conquesting

•  Facebook, Instagram, and FAN (Facebook Audience Network)

•  Household IP targeting

•  Event targeting

•  Video targeting


Increase your efficiency, reach, targeting, and results. With programmatic advertising. And Bryant Brown.


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