Healthcare Marketing Agency | Patient/Professional Education
Learn how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists create powerful, impactful patient and healthcare professional educational programs.
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Patient and Professional Education

Keeping your audience in the know

Our philosophy: before you can educate people, you must first engage them. Because if you can’t get their attention, they will never pay attention to what you are trying to communicate.


That’s why any educational campaign we create—whether it’s for patients, caregivers, or professionals—has a strong brand, with vivid visuals and a compelling verbal message.


The trick to communicating with patients: to talk in a clear, understandable voice without talking down to them. We also like to use a lot of graphics to help explain complicated topics.


As an example: for the National Kidney Foundation, we created a serialized graphic novel called Hope Street that explained the challenges of dialysis through the eyes of a comic book character.


For Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Healthcare Innovation, we created a series of videos of schizophrenia and bipolar patients discussing their conditions—sometimes in heartbreaking detail.


Over the years, we’ve created all forms of print and digital forms of patient education.


For healthcare professionals, we’ve found that “train the trainer” tools are very helpful. And we’ve helped create CME programs.


There’s one more audience who we think is extremely important: your sales force. So we develop training aids such as sales literature blueprints—both in print and digitally—that help assure that reps are well-trained and on message.



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